Bronte Wellness

Often we feel that something isn’t right but are not quite sure what it is. Is it something to be concerned about, or part of a bigger picture – either physically or mentally? The key ingredients to figuring out what’s going on are both time and experience…something The Bronte Clinic doctors have in abundance.

The Bronte Wellness Consultation is a detailed consultation and physical examination with our experienced Womens Health Specialists who are NHS-trained GPs. The key focus of our consultation is giving you the time to really talk about you– your physical and mental health and well-being, lifestyle and what you are concerned about. This allows us to obtain a holistic picture of your current situation and what we can do to help.

What will “The Bronte Wellness Consultation” involve?…

The appointment has 3 stages: 1.  An initial 45 minute appointment with our Women’s health doctors gives us time to discuss your concerns in detail and also involves a physical examination (Chaperones are available on request). 2. Depending on your specific concerns, a panel of blood tests will be ordered and can be done on Harley Street or one of our partner providers nationwide. These blood tests could look for signs of anaemia, check your kidney, liver and thyroid function as well as cholesterol and glucose and Vitamin D levels. Blood tests are individualised and additional tests can be added as required. 3. A 15 min follow up phone or video consultation to discuss the test outcomes, explain what they mean and what action is required.
If you require a specialist opinion, we can refer you directly to a specialist who has been vetted and is recommended by us. The option to book a further follow up appointment with one of our doctors is also available, or if you prefer, we can refer you back to your own NHS GP. Blood tests offered include: Full blood count, Urea & electrolytes, Liver function tests, Calcium, Phosphate, Lipid profile, Glucose & HBA1C, Thyroid profile, Vitamin D, Iron studies, Vitamin B12, Folate. Additional blood tests can be added on as needed (individual prices on request).