Bronte Sleep

Sleeping difficulties, sometimes called insomnia, are common and are often caused by a multitude of factors.

It is easy to slip into bad sleep habits and much harder to break them.  Sleep deprivation can have a significant detrimental effect on both physical and mental health so it is important to address these issues.

The Bronte sleep consultations are carried out by Dr Dani who has a specialist interest in sleep issues.

What will the ‘Bronte Sleep Consultation’ involve?…

Your consultation will be 45 minutes in length which allows a full and comprehensive assessment of your sleep issues and results in a plan that is practical and fits with your lifestyle. A key feature of the sleep consultation is to differentiate between primary and secondary insomnia and this is why at The Bronte Clinic, we take a whole body approach to the issue. Prior to your appointment, it may be wise to keep a “sleep diary” for 2-3 weeks where you record your sleeping and waking times with related and relevant information. If a secondary cause of insomnia is suspected, your doctor will discuss any tests (including blood tests) that make be required to confirm the diagnosis.
There are also other behavioural techniques such as Stimulus Control that we can advise on. It may be necessary to refer you for a special type of talking therapy called CBTi which can also help with sleeping difficulties. If you require blood tests, you will have a follow up consultation to explain the results and refer you to any specialists if appropriate. Please note, we do not prescribe sleeping tablets of any kind at The Bronte Clinic. We also do not treat sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. The option to book a further follow up appointment with one of our doctors is available, or we can refer you back to your own NHS GP if you prefer.