Bronte Menopause

While the Menopause has become more widely discussed in recent years, significant education and funding is still required before the NHS is able to offer every woman the service and treatment they deserve in this area.

The Bronte Menopause Consultation with our Menopause specialist Dr Samantha Brown is a reassuring, compassionate space where you can talk about your symptoms or just how you are feeling, without feeling fobbed off. Dr Sam will listen, support and educate you during this important, and often daunting, first step on your Menopause journey.

What will the ‘Bronte Menopause Consultation’ involve?…….

Your consultation will last 50-60 minutes and will start with you having time to talk about your symptoms, how they are affecting you and the impact they may be having on work, family and relationships. Dr Sam will take a medical history and then take time to explain your options for treatment including a discussion regarding lifestyle measures to help symptoms, different preparations of HRT or alternatives to HRT if required. Your consultation fee includes your consultation (either virtual or face to face),  a comprehensive letter to you & your GP within one week and your prescription provided within 24 hours (cost of medication is a separate fee). You will also have the option of a follow-up appointment at one month by telephone or email with a letter sent after your follow-up appt to summarise any changes made.
As an experienced GP, Dr Sam can also as identify anything that comes up during the consultation which may not be related to the Menopause, and advise on any additional tests or referrals she thinks appropriate. Dr Sam holds an Advanced Certificate in the Principles and Practice of Menopause Care, which gives her a higher qualification in providing menopause care, and she is a member of The British Menopause Society. The option to book a further follow up appointment with one of our doctors is available, or we can refer you back to your own NHS GP if you prefer.