Testosterone Consultation

Testosterone is an important hormone for women and can be used alongside their HRT.  It is administered by gel and is typically recommended for those with a low libido. It also has an important role in energy levels, bone and brain health. 

If you are already on HRT and you are wondering if this may be the missing piece of the jigsaw for you, then consider please book in here for a consultation .

We can talk through whether this may be a good option, arrange blood tests if needed and discuss the different options for testosterone prescribing.  If you decide to go ahead we can arrange a private prescription to be delivered within 1-2 days.

Blood tests will be arranged for monitoring either through your GP or privately after 3-6 weeks and a follow up call to discuss these results is included.



It’s worth noting that there isn’t a licensed form of testosterone in the UK at present. However, it is prescribed by many menopause experts as it has proven benefits in numerous clinical trials.

There are usually no side effects with such treatment as it’s given to replace what you are otherwise lacking. 

To read more about the use of testosterone in women, view this handy fact sheet.