Our Story


Over coffee in early 2021, we started chatting about what we loved about being doctors and how we would look after patients, and particularly women, in an ideal world….

We agreed that we would prioritise being kind and caring, as well as ensuring incredibly high standards of medical care. We would create a warm environment where patients would feel completely at ease sharing their concerns. It would be a place where we would happily refer our family and friends for excellent and compassionate healthcare.

As our idea grew, we felt more passionate that this vision for healthcare could and should exist….and we needed to create it! And so The Bronte Clinic was born.


As women of a certain age and as doctors, we are asked constantly by friends and family for both medical advice and recommendations for women’s health specialists.

Often people may not know exactly what they need,  but they do know they want to sit down with a doctor and have precious time to discuss their concerns without the time pressure that is unfortunately and understandably present within the NHS.

The name Bronte came from the values of female unity, determination, dissatisfaction with mediocracy and challenging the status quo the literary Bronte sisters shared. Having been employed as teachers for most of their lives, the sisters always wanted to open their own school, educating the way they believed it should be done. The Bronte clinic is our ode to these remarkable women.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will”

Charlotte Bronte