How we work

With more than 50 years medical experience between us, we have a wide breath of knowledge and expertise. However, our specialist interests are menopause, aesthetics, contraception, PMS, PMDD and sleep disorders.

If you would like help in one of these areas, then we would love you to book in for that specific consultation. However, often life is not that simple and perhaps your symptoms or issues don’t fit neatly into any of these categories….

Maybe you just don’t quite feel yourself and you don’t know where to start? Or you just want to check in with a medical professional as it’s been a while…

If this is the case, then The Bronte Wellness Consultation is the best option for you. Here we can discuss your situation, give advice, run tests and refer on to other specialists as appropriate.

Sometimes, chatting through the options is the easiest place to start and our lovely PA Ella on 0203 4882582 is always on hand to find the best option for you. If you prefer to email, please contact [email protected] and one of us will help!