With a busy lifestyle it can be difficult to get an NHS appointment at a suitable time with a doctor to discuss your contraceptive needs. Often you need more time to discuss all the options available. During the Covid pandemic, the waiting times for implant and coil insertions have unfortunately increased.

Dr Sam or Dr Dani will take time to listen to your lifestyle, your preferences and any plans for future pregnancies before suggesting your contraceptive options. They will discuss any problems you may have had in the past with contraception and take a full medical history and examination so you can make a fully informed decision.

What will “The Bronte Contraception Consultation” involve?…

The Bronte contraceptive consultations are 30 minutes long so we can give practical advice about contraception, family planning and your sexual health and wellbeing.

Contraceptive options that we can discuss, explain and offer include:

– Contraceptive Implant (Nexplanon)

– Intrauterine device (IUD or non hormonal coil)

– Intrauterine System (IUS or Mirena)

– Oral contraceptive pills

– Vaginal ring

– Contraceptive injection (Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate- DMPA)