Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are a medical procedure where a chemical solution is applied to the skin in order to improve its appearance.  They are a safe and effective method of improving texture and tone of the skin, treating areas of increased pigmentation or improving the appearance of acne

Peels can be used individually, either to achieve a glow for a special occasion or, as a course of treatments to target specific skin issues. The result is dependent on depth of peel as well as type of peel used.   

The depth of the chemical peel refers to the layer of the skin targeted.  Medium depth peels target the dermis or the medium layer of the skin. These peels result in more downtime than superficial peels with some skin peeling and redness- However 1-2 peels are usually enough to obtain the desired result.

Dr. Fiona or Dr Carole will assess each patient prior to their peel and if necessary, may suggest a prescribed skincare regimen to be used leading up to the procedure in order to achieve the best result possible. 

Close up portrait of relaxed black woman has gentle skin after taking shower, satisfied with new lotion, has no makeup, smiles tenderly, shows perfect teeth, stands shirtless against blue background