Grazia magazine – Here’s Why You Keep Googling “Why Am I Always Tired?”

There’s no denying it, the last two years have been absolutely exhausting. As we’ve bounced from lockdown to lockdown with uncertainty around social mixing, travel restrictions and mask-wearing, many of us have been left feeling weepy with weariness. ‘It’s multifactorial,’ GP Dr Sam Brown GP from The Bronte Clinic tells Grazia. ‘Changing hormones both during […]

GRAZIA magazine- ” Wait, Why Did Nobody tell us about “flash periods”?

What Is Perimenopause? Perimenopause can begin years before the menopause officially starts, when your ovaries begin to produce fewer hormones. This seems to be where And Just Like That‘s Charlotte is at. ‘The average length of the perimenopause phase is four years however for some, this stage can last a few months, or even as […]

TELEGRAPH – 6 essential beauty products every woman over 50 needs

I used to think it was just my bathroom cabinet that was out of control. Recently though, a friend, despairing about her ever-expanding lockdown beauty routine, showed me her bathroom shelves via Zoom and she has almost as much stock as Space NK. The trend for layering hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, niacinamide, vitamin C, plus […]