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GRAZIA magazine- ” Wait, Why Did Nobody tell us about “flash periods”?

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What Is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause can begin years before the menopause officially starts, when your ovaries begin to produce fewer hormones. This seems to be where And Just Like That‘s Charlotte is at. ‘The average length of the perimenopause phase is four years however for some, this stage can last a few months, or even as long as 10 years,’ says Dr Brown. ‘During the perimenopause – which commonly affects those in their 40’s but can arrive earlier or later, women still have periods and can still get pregnant, but within the last 1-2 years of this transition, the decrease in oestrogen speeds up and many women experience menopause symptoms.’

We are all familiar with the term SPF but what does it actually mean? SPF stands for sun protection factor-however, in reality, it should more accurately be termed “sunburn protection factor” as it only protects against the suns’ UVB rays…

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