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30th January 2022

Grazia magazine – Here’s Why You Keep Googling “Why Am I Always Tired?”

There’s no denying it, the last two years have been absolutely exhausting. As we’ve bounced from lockdown to lockdown with uncertainty around social mixing, travel restrictions and mask-wearing, many of us have been left feeling weepy with weariness. ‘It’s multifactorial,’ GP Dr Sam Brown GP from The Bronte Clinic tells Grazia.

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28th January 2022

GRAZIA magazine- ” Wait, Why Did Nobody tell us about “flash periods”?

We asked Dr Sam Brown, GP and menopause specialist at the female-led Bronte Clinic, everything you need to know about these 'flash periods' and the perimenopause.

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13th May 2021

TELEGRAPH – 6 essential beauty products every woman over 50 needs

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19th April 2021

Get The Gloss

When journalist Victoria Woodhall needed help with her pigmentation, this is where she turned.

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1st March 2021

TATLER – Dr Fiona McCarthy’s Top 5 skincare tips

We are inundated with so much information that it can be hard to know where to begin.

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2nd July 2020

K&C MAGAZINE – Chelsea’s best kept secret

When it comes to investing in your skin – we all want that beautiful, glowing result and there seems to be no shortage of ‘miracle creams’ and snazzy-sounding treatments out there to tempt you. But where to begin?

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5th July 2019

AESTHETICS JOURNAL – The effects of Radiotherapy on the skin

Consultant oncologist Dr Fiona McCarthy details how radiotherapy affects the skin and considerations for treatment.

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5th July 2019

MY BABA MAGAZINE – 5 important things about your smear test

The importance of regular smears cannot be overestimated – having a smear can potentially save your life.

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